Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello 2016!

Well Hello To All of You Too!!

Year End of 2015 has past, with all the
Resolutions made....
and here we are,
how many are already broken...

Had a Great Holiday Season,
kept it private and quiet and restful.
But did manage to do a wee bit of the arts
over the holidays.

Santa brought me a huge supply
of carving blocks!
So many that they wouldn't
fit in my Holiday Stocking...grin.

Had a great time just playing with the
carving tools and the new blocks.

The only way I know how to learn,
is to just pull up my sleeves and get down to it!

Practice, practice, practice...
and even bloopers can be fun and useable.

And even managed a bit of 
Paper Crafting Time.
Bit of Tag Making
using a Tim Holtz 
Vintage Photo Card

Then taking an old cereal box,
I cut it down to a large envelope size.

Covered it with bits and bobs
of Scrapbooking Papers.
And Attached the tag to the back
of it.

Used a saved bit of wired ribbon
fixing it behind the tag on the back
and wrapping the envelope.
I punched holes on the stationary side,
so it when into my 3 ring binder of keepsakes,
and now I have a fancy envelope to keep
important photos and bits in my binder.

And then the Digital Graphics....Oh my!

Already for the New Year
my Favourite Mischief Circus Designer Shops
have been 
Releasing New Kits and having
some Great Promotions!

And even a New Shop!

Which of course I had to get some of their
Fabulous New Graphics Kits and
have a play!

Her lovely images are so
gorgeous and the colours
she's using, rich!!!

And her Graphics selection 
of Children and Forest Creatures....
oh my, gorgeous!!

Seriously enjoyed having a play!

And my Wonderful Favourite Shops
TumbleFish Studio

With Marsha's New Wonderful Kits
Always a delight!

Marsha's Kits always lend themselves so well
to my sense of humour...GRIN

And the Fabulous
Ms. Nancy over at 

Nancy's Kits are Always Fun!!!

So that's what I've managed 18 Days
into the New Year so far.

Mixing and Matching up Graphics like
this piece I called 'Don't Box Her In'
using some lovely Itkupilli and TumbleFish Studio

So there you go!
Hope you too are finding some quiet, fun, play time
for some arts and crafts.

I'm looking forward to a couple of wonderful
Workshops I'll be taking this month and
in March, and if all goes well, I'll share
some of my finished projects 
from what I've been learning!

So until then, nice to catch up in the New Year 
with You All!
And I'll post again soon, as one of my
New Years Resolutions was to Blog more...GRIN.

And just to put it out there, later on this Spring, 
after Tax Season,
I'm kicking around the idea of having a
general Tag or ATC Swap....
nothing big and fancy, but dipping my
toe back into the waters....interested?
The leave a comment on this post to
encourage me to think more seriously...GRIN.



Sunday, December 6, 2015

So Sorry to Be Missing in 
Action for So Long!!

Well Hello Everyone!
Long Time Huh?
I have to Thank You for hanging in with me, and to 
all the New Followers that
have been signing on for the past few months,

And getting a new post done, just in time
as we are now going into the 
Holiday Season

It's been a very busy year for me personally,
and not a whole lot of art has been on my
plate these past few months.
And a bit of a health issue cropped up...

(Public Service Announcement....
Get Your Shingles Vaccine!!!)

But I have managed to tuck into a project
here and there, as any creative person knows,
you cannot stay sane without having your
creative outlet, at least occasionally!

So many changes over the past year, here in 
Canada, has played majorly in much of my not posting.
With the Canadian Dollar taking a dive, and changes 
in our postal service that complicated mailing 
out of the Country, and,
political changes that influenced continuing 
the Swaps and Giveaways globally,
all had to do with my lack of posting.
Nothing sucks creativity out of you faster
than complications and problems and rules....

But, I continued on playing with the 
Digital Arts and Cut 'n' Paste
and an occasional physical piece of art,
so BIG Thanks 
to my 
Graphic Designer Shops

and of course

and many others at

They've kept me sane this year....GRIN

and my First Love, of Cut 'n' Paste
whenever I've been a able to grab some
creative time with some Tag Making...

as I've had a Blast playing with
many of Nancy's Crowabout StudioB Graphics

and often you come across a particular
graphic from these Fabulous Designers
that moves you, inspires...

This graphic of Nancy's inspired me after
making this tag...

I love collecting and restoring,
vintage gold frames,
so did this Cut 'n' Paste 3D version
from the tag I made using Nancy's
Crowabout StudioB Graphics.
'Feeling Grounded' 
Looks even better in person with glitter and
some extra bits added. 

And if you check out Nancy's Shop 
later on tonight, she's releasing a 

Just wait! It's a Great one!!!

And Ms. Marsha at
has a 
and HUGE 
Holiday Kit!

Which I've totally enjoyed having a play with!
And there's still time for you to grab this 
Great Kit
and get some Holiday Graphics Fun!!

So as we near the end of 2015
and usher in the New Year 2016...
I wish You All
a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

All I did was blink.....

And before I knew it, it was almost March!
Wasn't it just Christmas? GRIN

That's ok, as I know so many of you are
chest deep in snow, and it really does seem
like this Winter has either dragged on for 
those of you with horrid weather, or,
I hate to say it, flown past so fast here, as
we've been experiencing unseasonably warm
weather, tons of rain, but no snow, no frigid temps,
and truly just seems like we went from Fall into Spring...
even the hummingbirds have stayed all Winter as 
they too think it's warm enough to do so,
but I won't say that too loudly, as we could get an
Arctic Blast at any time between now and June....grin.

So here we are, tons of changes happening with 
this New Year 2015.
Shifts in priorities, new ventures, even some endings,
but for some of us, I being one, I've just been
sitting back. plodding along doing whatever
arts and crafts suits my fancy while waiting
for the big 'idea' to hit for 2015.

So here's what I've been up too, experimenting and
keeping myself dabbling in the arts....

Stamp Carving

After receiving such a wonderful big gift bag from
my husband at Christmas, full of Fabulous
Water Soluble Crayons,

and a Huge Stack of Carving Blocks
I thought I'd take my Winter Vacation,
( before knuckling down to do taxes in March),
and do some stamp carving.

The thing I enjoy about stamp carving, is that first off,
it's so relaxing!
You have to really clear your mind to be able to draw, and
concentrate on where to cut and not cut so as not to make

Like with this one...grin....
I was distracted while carving and forgot that you have
to do the lettering 'backwards' so when you print
it comes out correctly...hence the word and stamp above
the hearts I had to correct and cut away to still have the stamp
to use.

But that's ok!!
It's all part of the learning curve when teaching yourself
a new medium! Luckily, the stamping blocks are
not very expensive, so real bloopers can also be a good
tool for learning!

And for experimenting with!

And with all the fun colours to use with my new crayons,
I do believe I've been channeling Spring.

And don't forget, cutting away excess gives you
even more bits and bobs to cut into shapes and
give patterns too to use!

And Ideas are Endless!!!!

Not many tools are needed to get into carving
your own stamps, so for a little investment,
you too could dive right in!

So that's what I've been up to for the 
past few weeks, and have so enjoyed 
the process!

Hoping now to be refreshed enough
to face tax time....HA!!!

So if you're thinking about trying
stamp carving....just do it!
It's fun, not expensive and another
Fabulous way to have a creative outlet!

We'll chat soon :)


Friday, January 30, 2015

Where did January go?

January may have gone by in a blink, 
but it's been a good month overall.

Imagine my surprise, when I was contacted
by a Representative of 

I was so honoured and thrilled to have 
Birdnuts Mixed Media Blog
chosen for a 

Review of a 
Brand New Publication

To say I was gobsmacked,
would be an understatement!

But I have to tell you, if you're like me,
having a hard copy, top quality,
magazine in your hands 
is a delight!

But inside was nothing more than absolute treat!

Is full of a Selected Variety of some of our 
Absolute Favourite Mixed Media Artists,
taking some of the 
Over the Top Wonderful Tutorials 
from past publications
and compiled them in this Publication!

Can you imagine, 
taking Workshops, with multiple 
Fabulous Mixed Media Artists like, 
Seth Apter, and DJ Pettitt, Lisa Engelbrecht,
Pam Carriker and Karen Cole, 
just to name a few, all in one publication!
And so many more!!

Beautifully photographed and printed, 
each page will make you just want to 
touch and hold and absorb the pages!
And detailed Workshop Tutorials by
each Fabulous Artist
throughout the entire Magazine!

And again, if you're like me, keeping these 
Magazines in our own libraries is always
a must! 
For future reference of learned new techniques, 
and a Wonderful Kickstart for our Muse!
And this one is pure gold in my Library!

So head on over to 

You won't want to miss out on getting a copy
of this Fabulous Magazine!
Or even getting a Subscription for it!!!

Thanks to Stampington.Com
for the Invite, and for all the